Ultimate Winter Skin Protection

Winter 2015/16 could end up being one of the wettest on record. It certainly feels like it! Not only does all this rain, wet and mud make looking after our horses more difficult and a lot less pleasurable, but it also can affect our horse’s health.

Exposure to wet, muddy conditions during turn out and riding can  lead to painful sores and scabs on your horse’s heels and legs. But Carr, Day & Martin – the horse care experts – have the solution – MF Pro.

MF Pro is a uniquely formulated 3 step system designed to cleanse, relieve and protect vulnerable areas and can help to combat common winter skin conditions in horses.

Available from your local Mackey stockist, the MF Pro Kit contains:

  • Comprehensive instruction booklet,
  • Antibacterial Cleanser (250ml),
  • Horse Care Sponge,
  • Soothing Antibacterial and Antifungal Balm (180g)
  • Professional Leg Wrap (150m),
  • Protective Salve Barrier (500g)

MF Pro is highly effective and follows a simple 3 step system:

Step 1 – Antibacterial Cleanser and Horse Care Sponge

The specifically formulated MF Pro Antibacterial Cleanser is gentle but extremely effective. The pH neutral cleanser combines antibacterial agents with the soothing properties of herbal extracts that helps to soften and lift scabs. Use with the Horse Care Sponge for best results.


Step 2- Soothing Balm and Professional Leg Wrap

Relieve irritated skin with the MF Pro antifungal and antibacterial Soothing Balm. Specifically selected essential oils help promote healthy skin condition, allowing the area to breathe freely and heal correctly. Apply a generous layer of Soothing Balm, followed by the Professional Leg Wrap (not too tight) with a warm bandage on top. Leave overnight for full absorption and to soothe affected areas.



Step 3 – Protective Salve Barrier

Waterproof vulnerable areas using the antibacterial MF Pro Protective Salve Barrier. Specially formulated using mineral greases and citronella, this Barrier provides ultimate skin protection against even the worst wet and muddy conditions.


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