Tackling Mud Fever head on

Mud fever is not a single disease, but can be seen in different forms. It occurs especially in warm, wet weather and is associated with a number of causes. It is certainly not limited to horses that are paddling knee deep in mud!

Mud fever can range from a mild skin irritation to very painful infected sores, and can in some cases cause significant swelling with severe lameness. The condition affects the lower limb, most commonly the back of the pastern.

It starts off as matted hair with dry crusts, caused by the inflamed skin weeping. When the same condition occurs on the upper body it is referred to as “rain scald”.

The bacteria Dermatophilus congolensis causes mud fever and under normal circumstances this bacteria lives in soil as spores and can survive from year to year. These spores become activated by wet weather and this is why we see the disease when the ground is wet.

Carr & Day & Martin have the answer with MF Pro.

MF Pro is a uniquely formulated 3 step system designed to cleanse, relieve and protect vulnerable areas and can help to combat common winter skin conditions.

Freckles is a 15.1hh, 4 year old mare, who has been afflicted with mud fever for some time. Her owners had previously tried a number of products, but with no success.

But MF Pro turned things around for Freckles.

Below is a picture taken before Freckles was treated and another picture taken after the affected area was treated using MF Pro for just 3 days!  As you can see, the results are outstanding







Read on for more information about what MF Pro does and how to use it.


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