Stable Bound Horses

Has the rain and mud resulted in your horse being stable-bound? It is a very frustrating time for both horse and human alike. It may be true that bored horses are at a higher risk of developing stable vices, but most settle to restricted turnout if their field pals are also stabled, and they’ve got access to high quality forage and water.

Horses enjoy being able to play! It is understood that play behavior is of great importance to your horses well-being and as a result we are now actively encouraged to enrich the stabled horses environment. Allowing your horse or pony the chance to have toys in their stable will increase diversity of their environment.

Likits in their different forms act as a good source of entertainment and will help enrich the space for your trusty steed whilst he is in his stable. Using the different Likit holders and their varying level of difficulties, combinations of flavor’s and position in which the toy is in to keep him interested and hold his attention, in turn will be a very effective, low maintenance and safe way to enrich the environment he is living in.

purpe-boredom-breaker-horse likit2 img_1075

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