Making light work of clipping

Love it or hate it, winter inevitably means clipping your horse. This can be an arduous task but is worth doing right as there are few things smarter than a beautiful, freshly clipped horse.

We’ve pulled together some of our

‘Top Tips’ for tip top clipping!

The best time to start preparing for clipping is the day before you plan to clip and to wash your horse’s coat. If you’re horse’s coat is clean it will be much easier for the clippers to cut the hair and you’ll end up with a smoother, tighter clip, not to mention less wear on your blades!

Using a shampoo such as Extra Strength shampoo from Carr & Day & Martin (see page 238 of the Mackey catalogue) is a great option to get all the grease and dirt out from a thicker coat and allow you to breeze through clipping.


After washing your horse, make sure you use a good, warm cooler such as the Weatherbeeta polar fleece cooler on page 83 of our catalogue and walk him briskly until dry to avoid him getting a chill.


Always clip with sharp blades. If your blades are past their best, have them sharpened at your local tack shop. Or it may be better to invest in a new set of blades (see page 174 of the Mackey catalogue).

A strong powerful clippers such as the new Kerbl ConstantaRodeo AR2 Clipper (pictured below) will make light work of a full clip. The Kerbl fits perfectly into the hand, gliding tirelessly through the coat and stays cool and ready to use even after
prolonged clipping! At just 690 g weight, the ConstantaRodeo AR2 is also one of the lightest professional devices on the market with an ergonomic shape and optimised weight distribution for improved performance and ease of use.


But for tricky, sensitive areas such as behind the elbows or around the head, a small, lightweight trimmer is a great choice as they’re super quiet and easy to handle.

Give your horse a haynet to keep him occupied while clipping – he’ll be more likely to stand still.

cdm-coat-shine-spray2After clipping, add some Canter Coat Shine to a bucket of warm/hot water and wipe your horse down with a hot cloth to lift all the loose hairs. The Canter Coat shine will also help prevent your horses’ rug rubbing after the clip is done .

Do you have any more top tips that you think should be added to our list? If so, please do add them in the comments below.

Happy clipping everyone!

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