Mackey 5 Bar

Mackey Ireland has been a proud supporter of many innovations by Showjumping Ireland and we’ve supported the ‘Mackey 5 Bar’ national training program since its inception.

Mackey 5 Bar training system when first envisaged was to be like a roadmap of a candidates training, and a standardizing of training methods around the country. And with the wealth of talent that exists in Irish Showjumping we are so proud to support a program designed to ensure Irish showjumping is on the right path for international success.

The SJI / Mackey 5 Bar Training is a program giving a structure wherein Athletes can acquire the skills to polish their riding and competition skills and is divided into 5 levels of Riding Standards, from Bar 1 to Bar 5.

Ths series of progressive Bars will provide riders with a structured training plan. This Training Syllabus is focussed on improving Horsemanship and the performance and results in all Show Jumping Competitions.

Bar 1 Is an introductory level. It is awarded on completion of National, Regional , Branch or Private Training at that level by an SJI Accredited Coach when Athlete has attained BAR 1 Standard of Riding & Knowledge

Bar 2 – Bar 5 Are progressively of a higher Standard, Knowledge and Understanding of Riding, Competition and Horsemanship. On Completion of each Level, Athletes when signed-off by their Coaches, go forward for Regional Assessments (BAR 2 & BAR 3) and National Assessments (BAR 4 & BAR 5)

The National Training Program is Run and Administered by The National Training Committee of Showjumping Ireland.

Regional Representatives are elected each year from the Four Provinces to sit on the Training Committee and the Chair of the Training Committee is elected from SJI Executive Committee.
Syllabus formulation, Expert advice and guidance is provided by National Training Steering Group, which is headed by The Chairman SJI Training; Ian Fearon and Gisela Holstein
All our Coaches are SJI Accredited Coaches are qualified HSI “Level 1,” “Level 2” or “Level 3” Coaches who have further upskilled through SJI Seminars to train and assess Athletes in the Mackey 5 Bar Program

For more information see the 5 Bar Training page on the SJI website or download the Mackey 5 bar Protocols below.


We hope to see you out and about at some SJI training in recent months and that you are able to put this training to great success in competition.

Good luck! And happy showjumping.



Ian Fearon
Ian Fearon
Giesla Holstein
Giesla Holstein

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