Carr & Day & Martin – where tradition meets technology

Founded 250 years ago (yes…250, that’s not a typo!) Carr & Day & Martin combine tradition with technology and bring us an unbelievable range of products that we rely on day-in and day-out and all year round.

One of the oldest companies involved in the manufacture of horse care products, Carr & Day & Martin was founded in 1765. The company has held a Royal Warrant since then and still hold the Royal Warrant today for the supply of quality saddlery care products. Dedicated to producing premium products that provide a complete care program, Mackey proudly distribute the Carr & Day & Martin range of products here in Ireland, for the benefit of you and your horse.

Horse Care has come a long way since the early days of Carr & Day & Martin’s existance, but the company is proud to say that products such as Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment have really stood the test of time, having been used and trusted since 1896. Quite an achievement we think!

This being said, Carr & Day & Martin never underestimate the importance of new product development and their heritage care products stand proudly alongside formulations based on the
most up to date scientific research.

Introduced late 2013, MF Pro is the ultimate 3 step system to cleanse, relieve and protect vulnerable heels and legs, helping to combat common winter skin complaints. Designed as the ideal solution to wet and muddy conditions, this advanced system tackles a traditionally common issue in a technically progressive way.

The latest innovation from Carr & Day & Martin is Equimist 360, a revolutionary new spray technology and winner of a BETA Innovation Award 2014. With Equimist 360, all your favourite Carr & Day & Martin products will now benefit from their exclusive application technology, allowing horse owners to get the perfect finish every time.

Equimist 360 can spray a full 360°, meaning that you can even apply product whilst the dispenser is upside down, perfect for hard to reach areas. These functional new bottles deliver a wider spray pattern and a fine misting application, which provides a completely even distribution of product. The minimal sound emitted when in use and the continuous spraying action, makes product application more acceptable to horses who previously would not tolerate traditional trigger sprays.

Products now available in Equimist 360 include: Canter Mane & Tail, Canter Coat Shine, Stain Master, Dreamcoat, Natural Insect Repellent Spray, Flygard and Extra Strength Insect Repellent.

This major product launch is just one of the many new developments that Carr & Day & Martin have introduced in the run up to 250th anniversary this year.

We at Mackeys are great fans of Carr & Day & Martin – we love their products, we love the brand and we love the way they do business. They put owners and their horses first which is the reason they’re a global leader in equine care.

The entire Carr & Day & Martin range is available from your local Mackey Ireland stockist.

Carr & Day & Martin

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