21 December 2016

Introducing our Sponsored Rider Alice Wilson!

21 December 2016,

We here in Mackey Ireland are beyond excited to announce the sponsorship of the extremely talented Alice Wilson and her beautiful string of horses. […]

14 December 2016

Tending to Your Winter Paddocks

14 December 2016,

Winter, The word itself for most people put images of toasty open fires and hot chocolate watching your favourite Christmas movies. However for the […]

7 December 2016

Stable Bound Horses

7 December 2016,

Has the rain and mud resulted in your horse being stable-bound? It is a very frustrating time for both horse and human alike. It […]

30 November 2016

Tackling Mud Fever head on

30 November 2016,

Mud fever is not a single disease, but can be seen in different forms. It occurs especially in warm, wet weather and is associated […]

25 October 2016

Mackey Ireland announces sponsorship of Nicola Boud – one of Ireland’s leading endurance riders

25 October 2016,

We are dedicated supporters of equestrian sport here in Ireland and are long standing supporters of both the Irish Pony Club and the Showjumping […]

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