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Introducing our Sponsored Rider Alice Wilson!

We here in Mackey Ireland are beyond excited to announce the sponsorship of the extremely talented Alice Wilson and her beautiful string of horses. Alice has been kind enough to us an introduction to her and her horses!    Hello everyone, my name is Ally, I’m 22 from Northern Ireland. I have been riding for 12 years. I run two youtube channels called “Equiially” & “Alfusally” where I post vlogs, riding videos, tutorials, and edited videos of my highs and lows with horses. I have a passion for eventing and show jumping and I am currently competing my lovely little horse Kes at 1M20 SJI & EI100 level. I also Read more about Introducing our Sponsored Rider Alice Wilson![…]

Tending to Your Winter Paddocks

Winter, The word itself for most people put images of toasty open fires and hot chocolate watching your favourite Christmas movies. However for the equine enthusiast it brings images of muddy fields, frozen troughs and defrosting water pipes. The goal for the most part is trying to keep your turnout area as mud and ice free as is practical so your horse/pony can be as comfortable as possible. Whilst also preserving your summer grazing. A lot of people have a small paddock that they are willing to sacrifice for their horses to go and get a few hours out in the fresh air, blow off some steam and have a Read more about Tending to Your Winter Paddocks[…]

Stable Bound Horses

Has the rain and mud resulted in your horse being stable-bound? It is a very frustrating time for both horse and human alike. It may be true that bored horses are at a higher risk of developing stable vices, but most settle to restricted turnout if their field pals are also stabled, and they’ve got access to high quality forage and water. Horses enjoy being able to play! It is understood that play behavior is of great importance to your horses well-being and as a result we are now actively encouraged to enrich the stabled horses environment. Allowing your horse or pony the chance to have toys in their stable Read more about Stable Bound Horses[…]


Tackling Mud Fever head on

Mud fever is not a single disease, but can be seen in different forms. It occurs especially in warm, wet weather and is associated with a number of causes. It is certainly not limited to horses that are paddling knee deep in mud! Mud fever can range from a mild skin irritation to very painful infected sores, and can in some cases cause significant swelling with severe lameness. The condition affects the lower limb, most commonly the back of the pastern. It starts off as matted hair with dry crusts, caused by the inflamed skin weeping. When the same condition occurs on the upper body it is referred to as Read more about Tackling Mud Fever head on[…]


Mackey Ireland announces sponsorship of Nicola Boud – one of Ireland’s leading endurance riders

We are dedicated supporters of equestrian sport here in Ireland and are long standing supporters of both the Irish Pony Club and the Showjumping Association of Ireland, not to mention the many local and regional events and teams that we support throughout the year! And we’re delighted to extend this support to a new discipline for us – Endurance, through our sponsorship of leading Irish Endurance rider – Nicola Boud. Nicola is a rider with an abundance of talent and enormous dedication – two things that are essential to succeed in the sport of Endurance riding. We’ll be following Nicola in her training and competition achievements over the coming months Read more about Mackey Ireland announces sponsorship of Nicola Boud – one of Ireland’s leading endurance riders[…]


Making light work of clipping

Love it or hate it, winter inevitably means clipping your horse. This can be an arduous task but is worth doing right as there are few things smarter than a beautiful, freshly clipped horse. We’ve pulled together some of our ‘Top Tips’ for tip top clipping! The best time to start preparing for clipping is the day before you plan to clip and to wash your horse’s coat. If you’re horse’s coat is clean it will be much easier for the clippers to cut the hair and you’ll end up with a smoother, tighter clip, not to mention less wear on your blades! Using a shampoo such as Extra Strength Read more about Making light work of clipping[…]


Your horse’s hooves and the environment

Following on from our previous blog posts No Hoof, No Horse and Hoof Health – make it a priority and reap the benefits, here we explore hoof health still further. Horse care experts Carr & Day & Martin give us some insights into the effects that the environment has on our horse’s hooves. But firstly… What makes up our horse’s hooves? Hoof horn is constructed of two types of keratin molecules – spring-like spiral structures and more rigid zig-zag structures. Each structure is formed with the assistance of hydrogen bonds within or between the keratin molecules and the two different structures are bound to each other by disulphide links. These Read more about Your horse’s hooves and the environment[…]


Hoof Health – make it a priority and reap the benefits

Following on from our previous post ‘No Hoof, No Horse’, where our friends at Carr & Day & Martin gave us some insights into the complex structure that is the horse’s hoof and explored a total approach to hoof management, in this post we look in a little more detail as to how to keep our horse’s hooves in tip top shape. Nutrition for healthy hooves Improving hoof horn quality and growth Nutrition is essential for healthy hoof growth. Most horse owners are aware of the benefits of biotin, yet if fed alone it is much less effective than if supplemented with its essential pre-cursors zinc and methionine. In addition, Read more about Hoof Health – make it a priority and reap the benefits[…]


No Hoof, No Horse

The old adage – no hoof, no horse – is well known by horse owners and carers around the world. From quarter cracks, to thrush, to abscesses to lost shoes… our horses really do their best to keep us and our farriers on our toes! We’ve teamed up with horse health experts – Carr & Day & Martin – to bring you some insights into keeping your horse’s hooves healthy and as trouble free as possible. In this blog post, we look at an overall approach to hoof management, as well as a look at the structures that go to make up the hoof itself. In our next post we will Read more about No Hoof, No Horse[…]


WIN €100 worth of NutriScience products!

We’ve teamed up with our good friends at NutriScience to offer you the chance to win €100 worth of supplements from the NutriScience range. One lucky winner will claim this mega prize and all you have to do is correctly guess which nation will win the Aga Khan trophy at this year’s Dublin Horse Show. We obviously hope it will be Ireland, but there are some other great nations out there too! All you have to do is email the nation that you believe will win to, together with your name, the county you live in and your phone number. We’ll then pick one lucky winner from all correct Read more about WIN €100 worth of NutriScience products![…]